Revitalise your bathroom or shower room with our quick and easy solution. A chance to have your own personalised wet wall panelling created using your own design.

Here’s your chance to do something different. Not only do we think that wet wall panelling is a perfect solution for any bathroom or shower room, it’s three times faster to install than tiling.

Our wet wall panels do not stain or discolour from normal residential use and are highly resistant to soap and mould build-up, which makes them easy to clean.

These panels will transform your bathroom into a modern style and allow you to create a unique design that no one else will have.

All wet wall panels can be cut to size to suit your needs.

Wet Wall Panels
Images supplied must be 10 megapixels / 300dpi or higher using highest settings on your camera. Images may have to be manipulated to fit your panels and this may cause some slight blurring of the print. The bigger and higher the resolution pictures sent will improve the image printed on your panels.

The printed image has a fade resistant coating that should last for years.

Panel Size: 1200mm x 2400mm.

Images may be cropped to fit panel dimensions.

Panel can be cut to any size panel should the design permit.

The Living Walls profiles come in 2,400mm and are available in any colour you desire.

We recommend that Living Wall sealant and adhesive is used for all installations.

All internal profiles are transparent. Additional cost for other colours.

Any colour you choose to match panel.

The Living Wall Fixing Kit includes 1x tube of neutral silicone and 1 tube of adhesive.

Living Walls panels are guaranteed to be watertight and waterproof for up to ten years as long as they have been installed correctly.

Panels are guaranteed not to fade for up to five years.