Terms & Conditions

Company Address
14 Bank Top
Tel: 07813 521600

Price Of Goods
Price of goods are set out on our website.
Prices are in sterling and includes tax.

Delivery Charges
Delivery to UK mainland addresses will be charged at £40 per delivery. Additional charges of delivery will apply outside of the UK mainland. Please contact a member of staff to confirm delivery charges in your area.

Delivery Times
Delivery times vary according to your location. Our normal time for delivery is between 7 – 10 working days. Delivery times are approximate and no liability whatsoever is accepted for late delivery. We also offer an express delivery service.

Orders cannot be cancelled once they have gone through to production as they are your unique design. No refunds or returns will be accepted as these are personalised items.

How To Fit You Living Walls Boards

If you are unsure about fitting panels please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.

Panels can be cut to size using a sharp Stanley knife, cutting only from face side.

When cutting for pipes in boarding, a clearance of 203mm should be left, then holes can be filled with Living Wall silicone.

Use silicone to create a seal. Also seal internal trim and end caps.

Wall Surface
The panels can be fixed using our adhesives. Always make sure the area is free from loose particles. Most surfaces can be fixed.

Always check when fixing heavier items if you will require additional support behind panels. Always apply generous amounts of adhesive to panels and fit into place ensuring that the edge of panel is inserted into the internal corner and a good seal is achieved.

Care / Clean
Wetwall panels help reduce build up of dirt and grime. To keep panels in great condition, minimal cleaning is required using soap and water and a soft cloth. It is best to rinse the panel first, then clean off excess water with a squeegee. Pay attention to areas where sealant has been applied; this should be wiped down to prevent mould. Abrasive cleaners should never be used as this will discolour or damage the surface.